Undefined Behavior

UNDEFINED – Sara Strohmeyer

Undefined Behavior
Dr. Sara Strohmeyer is a
Chiropractic Physician at Lockwood Chiropractic. I think she’s got a lot of backbone.

As part of our UNDEFINED project, Ooh St. Lou will be sharing bios of the women featured in the original shoot.


Dr. Sara Strohmeyer

What do you do:

I am a chiropractor!

What prompted you to take part in the UNDEFINED project?

I love the idea of encouraging women to celebrate their unique talents.

We all have so much to offer the world. Why squish us into a small label?

Dr. Sara Strohmyer and friend. ©2016 OohStLou
Dr. Sara Strohmyer and friend. ©2016 OohStLou

Where can people find out more about you/what you do?

I spend my days at Lockwood Chiropractic in Webster Groves. We help people to find balance in their bodies, allowing them to be pain-free and living their lives!

You can also find me on Facebook @drsarastrohmeyer!

The Undefined project explores and is a response to sexism in local media, for more information see our original post on the project. UNDEFINED will be on display at SOHA gallery in January 2017, visit the Facebook event page for more information on the show.

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