UNDEFINED – Kerry Russell

Kerry Russell is is an Interior Designer at Dadoworks and she she taught me what bumwad was. Check out her work on Facebook at /dadoworks

Your name:

Kerry Russell

What do you do?

I am an Interior Designer. A couple of years after the housing crash of 2008 I resigned from my position at a mid-sized Architectural firm as their Director of Interiors to start my own contracting business where I marketed my services to Architectural firms, Interior Design firms, Realtors and General Contractors. My business has been so successful that it has blossomed into a more permanent position at a local Interior Design Firm and a small Architectural firm, Dadoworks.

What prompted you to take part in the UNDEFINED project?

I was inspired by the Undefined project because I love the idea of being undefined! Everyone is constantly trying to put everyone in this tiny box, figure them out and label them. I am not defined by any object and I am most certainly not defined by what I wear or how I look. I like to think that I am an ever evolving version of myself.

What stereotyping have you faced in your career, and how have you handled it?

Becoming a project manager early in my career, I found it very difficult to get the respect that I deserved in this male dominated industry. I was often dismissed, ignored and even disrespected. I overcame these situations one by one with persistence and continuity.
Kerry Russell
Kerry Russell ©2016 OohStLou

Where can people find out more about you/what you do?

Anything Else?

A main passion of mine is sustainability and through my career I am able to make “green” choices that not only save my clients money but also save precious natural resources. Certifications: NCIDQ No. 26459, LEED Green Associate

The UNDEFINED project explores and is a response to sexism in local media, for more information see our original post on the project. UNDEFINED will be on display at SOHA gallery in January 2017, visit the Facebook event page for more information on the show.

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