UNDEFINED – Courtney Beisner

As part of our UNDEFINED project, Ooh St. Lou will be sharing bios of the women featured in the original shoot.

Courtney Beisner and Kara Wilson run Revolution Ink (revolutionink.net) a service that provides design, writing and moxie.

Your name:

Courtney Beisner

What do you do?

For almost 18 years, I have been a technical writer. I also co-own Revolution Ink, a design and writing firm. In the last few weeks, I have also rebooted my voice over career and already booked one gig here in St. Louis.

What prompted you to take part in the UNDEFINED project?

My business partner, Kara Wilson, sent me a link on Facebook. I was shocked that in 2016, women are still categorized by cliches such as shoes. Are men asked to define themselves by their favorite tie? Boxers or briefs?

What stereotyping have you faced in your career, and how have you handled it?

As a technical writer, I have mostly worked in IT, which is heavily staffed by men. Although I feel accepted in that industry, I find myself constantly explaining that a writer is not an administrative assistant. This is no disrespect to administrative assistants; my mother retired as one, and lemme tell ya: don’t ever, ever piss off the admin. They run the entire office and can make your life very easy or very difficult. They know more about what’s going on than the boss.
The most egregious stereotyping I faced in my career was while living in Nashville. The good ol’ boys down there do not care for intelligent and vocal women. My director once asked me to buy a greeting card for the team to sign for a fellow employee. And I did it. Admitting that makes me feel as ashamed and powerless as it did then. Goddammit.
Courtney Beisner
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Where can people find out more about you/what you do?

Revolution Ink: www.revolutionink.net

Anything Else?

Anything else? I’m so proud to be a part of this project. When my 10-year-old daughter is my age, I hope the impetus for UNDEFINED is a ridiculous and laughable notion. Hell, I hope it’s a lot sooner than that.

The UNDEFINED project explores and is a response to sexism in local media, for more information see our original post on the project. UNDEFINED will be on display at SOHA gallery in January 2017, visit the Facebook event page for more information on the show.

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