Thousand Faces Cosplay at Star Clipper Comics

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Thousand Faces Cosplay

I am finishing up a short documentary about St. Louis-based husband and wife cosplay team Thousand Faces Cosplay. Here’s a video excerpt from their recent in-store at Star Clipper on Washington Avenue, at an event in support of Tenth Life Cat Rescue.

One of the things I’ve found really interesting with this project so far is learning about the way that cosplay can be used to help people deal with anxiety, depression and other issues they may have in dealing with the outside world. That makes perfect sense to me, as I use a camera in much the same way. Me hanging out for hours just to be social = no. Me hanging out for hours so I can document an event = heck yes.

I love hearing about the tools other people find to overcome their anxiety. NPR recently did a story on cosplayers using their costumes to bring out their inner superheroes, you can check that out here.

There is never a dull moment with these two! Watch for the full video, coming soon, and subscribe to my YouTube channel and Facebook page for updates and to see my other projects.

2 years ago

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