“In My Shoes” w/Thousand-Faces Cosplay – Coming Soon!

I am working on a new episode of “In My Shoes” a video series in which I take a look at the lives of some of St. Louis’s most interesting and creative people.

This time I am working with Lauren and Ethan Brandt of Thousand-Faces Cosplay, and man, is this one fun.

Lauren and Ethan Brandt of Thousand-Faces Cosplay, as Tiny Tina and Krieg from Borderlands 2
Lauren and Ethan Brandt of Thousand-Faces Cosplay, as Tiny Tina and Krieg from the video game Borderlands 2

Lauren and Ethan cosplay all sorts of amazing characters, and they’re recently well known for portraying the characters Tiny Tina and Krieg from “Borderlands 2” (Confession: I’ve never played this game, but the more I hang out with them in character, the more I want to.)

The main reason I started the Ooh St. Lou project was selfish, really. I wanted to provide myself with some evidence that there were good, creative, interesting people in this city. Nice people who do good things, who make the world better or more fun for themselves and the people around them. I know that I (and I suspected all of the city) needed that kind of validation.

That’s why projects like these are so fun and fulfilling to work on. I meet people who are downright fascinating, and also good, and who also take joy in the things they’ve decided to do—in the way they’ve decided to live their lives. I hope that by sharing stories like these I can help remind myself and other people that 95% of the world is made up of people who are simply seeking happiness, and many of them find that happiness in providing it to others.

Lauren Brandt as Tiny Tina ©2016 OohStLou
Lauren Brandt as Tiny Tina ©2016 OohStLou


No one is perfect, and no one can be perfectly happy, but there is joy and laughter to be found, even right here in our troubled city, where headlines would lead you to imagine we all squat fearfully in our homes, waiting for a hail of bullets to strike us down. Seeking out the type of people I am featuring in this series is life-affirming, and it brings me a lot of happiness. I hope you enjoy it too.

See the teaser trailer for the Thousand-Faces Cosplay video below, and stay tuned for the full video after we’ve found a suitable crowd for Krieg and Tina to terrorize on film.

Thousand-Faces Cosplay Teaser Trailer

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