St. Louis Krampus Nacht on Cherokee Street 2016

Let the Wild Krampus Start!

Krampus ©2016 Ooh St. Lou Studios
Get your Krampus on. ©2016 Ooh St. Lou Studios

It’s time to get your Krampus on!

Last night was the annual St. Louis Krampusnacht pub crawl on Cherokee Street. The event ranged up and down Cherokee, starting at Yaqui’s then progressing to to B-Side where attendees saw a performance by Blyre Spanx as Frau Perchta, then on to Earthbound Beer where Dr. Judas Lynch (half of the St. Louis-based performing duo Judas and Magnolia) provided feats of escapology to delight the crowd.  The event then proceeded to The Whisky Ring and then held a costume contest at The Fortune Teller Bar, before finally ending with an after-party at The Crack Fox downtown.

This event is produced by the Krampus Research Association of St. Louis, and is meant to bring a little irreverent holiday spirit to a season that, to many, has become overly commercialized. (See interview with founder Ray Castile from last year’s event, here.)  From the group’s description of the event:

Amid the frigid Alpine peaks there dwells a legendary creature. Half man. Half devil. Krampus is the bogeyman of Christmas, the dark counterpart of Saint Nicholas. While kindly St. Nick rewards good children, the scary Krampus punishes the naughty.

Krampus festivals are common in parts of Austria, Germany and other European countries. Inspired by Alpine folklore, the festivals celebrate the region’s cultural heritage. They are also good excuses to dress in costumes, drink beer and party.

Here are some photos from the first half of the evening. (Turns out my personal limit for standing outside in the cold, sober, is three hours and fifteen minutes.) Check out the Facebook event for more photos and information about the event.

St. Louis Krampusnacht Pub Crawl on Cherokee Street 2016 Photo Gallery


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