St. Lou Side Eye Ep. 6 – Switzer’s vs Twizzlers

This week we pit St. Louis candy maker Switzer’s Authentic Candy vs. global behemoth Twizzlers.

Switzer’s is a candy company that developed in St. Louis in the late 19th century, when Frederick Michael Switzer would peddle his candy in a cart by the St. Louis Riverfront. They sold “Buttermels”,“Betterscotch,” and a molasses candy called  “Yellowjacket.” Their signature product, however, was always their licorice.

Who else from the St. Louis area remembers this jerk of a kid who would swap his sister for a new transistor?

I researched the story of how Twizzlers came about, but it’s mostly a twisted story of corporate acquisitions, not a heartwarming story about twisted candy. Some people made a thing, then sold out to some other people, and got renamed, and renamed again and then sold again, and then bought out, and now are owned by Hershey’s. Touching.

So let’s get to the good part – that’s when our slightly inebriated panel of testers try both “Big Candy” Twizzlers and “local heroes” Switzer’s, and give their unvarnished opinions on each. Hope you enjoy the episode – don’t forget to like and follow us, and let us know if there’s a product YOU think we should be testing!


2 years ago

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