St. Lou Side Eye Ep. 4 – Nutshellz

The latest episode of St. Lou Side Eye: “Nutshellz” concerns a novel product – a product whose CEO believes in it so strongly that he’s willing to take a gunshot to the groin to prove its efficacy.

We’re talking about Nutshellz, a ballistic kevlar enforced groin protection cup that promises to take a beating (and more) to protect your junk. Apparently beloved by MMA fighters and “law enforcement professionals” (we’re not saying they’re mall cops, but they’re mall cops) these cups do seem to stand up well to being beaten with a hammer.

It’s the advertising for Nutshellz that really caught our eye, so take a look below at our panels reaction to some of their advertising, as well as on-site testimonials from their customers.

Nutshellz Video

This product and its creators will be appearing on West Texas Investors Club sometime this fall, so be sure to keep an eye out for that episode. We wish them lots of luck, and hope everyone’s janglies stay protected when the bullets start ramshackling off the magnolium!


2 years ago

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