St. Lou Side Eye – Ep 3 “Fake St. Louis Trivia”

At long last we’ve been able to film some new episodes of St. Lou Side Eye! (Have you ever tried to coordinate the schedules of four busy comics and performers and get them all at the same place at the same time? It’s like herding kittens into a bag. Wily kittens.)

This St. Lou Side Eye episode focuses on completely fake St. Louis trivia! We asked our comedians to answer questions that might or might not have real answers, in ways that might or might not make sense. I very possibly gave them intoxicating beverages before this event, as well. A director does what a director has to do!

One of the things I really want to do with this series (other than entertain you, and have fun) is to explore some of the parts of St. Louis that are weird, or nonsensical, or downright illogical. I want to take a look at some things in St. Louis and skewer them in an irreverent yet entertaining way.  Trying to find that balance can be difficult – it’s the dilemma that many comedians face I think. Can we bring attention to and point out the absurdity of some of these issues, but do it without being callous or offensive about those very issues we wish to bring to light? I am really interested to know how you think we did. Check out the episode and let me know – plus watch this space (or this space, or this space) for another new episode next week! You can also check this playlist for our earlier episodes. (And later episodes, if you’re reading this in the future.)

Many thanks to my delightful talent who stretched their improv skills for this episode. Go follow Justin Luke, Carolyn Agnew, Blaire Hamilton and Kenny Warner, and follow Impolite Company and St. Louis Independent Comedy for information on how to see them and more great local talent at shows in the area!

Above all – if you like this video, then share this video! We are trying to grow our audience for this type of content, and we can’t do that without your help. If you think we did a great job – share with your friends! If you think we did a crappy or just-OK job, tell us why! We’re funny people, we can take it.

St. Lou Side Eye Episode Three – Fake St. Louis Trivia


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