So I Threw a Tea Party for a Bunch of Witches

I decided in September that I needed an Event to Plan. Something fun, something I could look forward to and spend time thinking about. That event turned out to be a Witches Tea.*

Design mine, printed on perfectly horrific stationery from Evil Supply Co.

Set on the last Sunday before Halloween, my witches tea consisted of me, my lady friends, awesome witchy costumes, lots of booze and food, and no tea whatsoever. The event, as advertised, was: “friendly to toads, bats, snakes and owls, but is utterly unsafe for men, spiders and children.”

I had the very best time from conceptualizing the event to designing the invitations and sending them out.

Never forget the joy that beautiful correspondence can bring

Also, I liked the idea of having only my ladies over. Who wants a bunch of men stomping around the house being loud and monopolizing all the conversation? A party with just ladies has a different vibe, one that I very much enjoyed. I also loved getting dressed up just for us, and having fun just for us. Turns out I am a very big fan indeed of ladies-only events.

This party was a very effective tool for me to manage my moods, it gave me something to anticipate, plan and organize around, it kept me busy and brought me great pleasure. It also made me get my house organized, which is a tremendous benefit to knowing you will be having a lot of people over.

The day turned out to be a lovely (if warm) one—it was 80 degrees on October 26th, which I don’t think anyone could have planned for, so it was a bit warm to be swanning around in full-on witchy regalia. But everything turned out wonderfully, all the same. Here are some photos of the event. I wish I had taken more.

This was my one Pinterest-inspired foodstuff that was not an abject failure. Batty Bites.


My friend Cat made this horrific thing, which turned out even creepier than she expected.
It did not get LESS creepy as we ate more and more of its brains out.
Early on, my witches formed themselves into natural spell circles.
Louis gets some special witchy bonding time.
This witch placed a pox upon my cattle, rode her broom backward into a rainstorm and smote my tiny dog.
These witches gain their power from sunbeams.
What witch party could possibly be complete without an apple-dipping station?
First post-setup, pre-party cocktail for a very tired and happy witch.
Witchy feet up before the first guests arrive and the madness begins.
Stairwells are excellent for decorating.
Another shot of the table so you can see my awesome tiny pumpkin.

Everything was lovely. Not pictured: mummy hot dogs, deviled egg eyeballs, pies, cookies and cocktails galore.

Lovely and terrifying.

I also took a formal portrait of all of us witches together posing on my front stairs, and made it all old-timey, but I am keeping that one private.

Things I’d change:

  • Well, the weather. But I’d need an advanced spell for that. It could have been cooler, I was worried about the house being warm.
  • More lawn furniture. It would have been nicer if people could have sat on the back patio. Sadly I have not yet invested in patio furniture, so maybe that’s a thing for next year.
  • Less Pinterest – I only stressed myself out with some of these failed Pinterest things, when the store is full of lovely foods to buy.
  • Move the apple dipping station somewhere more centrally located, so people would have eaten more. I think having it in the corner of the counter wasn’t the best place.
  • Take more pictures. I didn’t get pictures of the fun drinks or the lovely sangria I made.

Recipes that actually worked:

Recipes that failed:

  • Phyllo Witch Brooms – No, screw these things. My phyllo wouldn’t stick together at all (I tried brushing with butter AND then I soaked it in water. That was the dryest phyllo ever.) also at that temperature they burned in the oven within 10 minutes.
  • Witchy Fingers – don’t use pre-made dough with these. They turn into puddles.

I hope you had fun seeing all my witchy planning processes and how they turned out. I am strongly leaning toward throwing this party again next year, but I have to get over this one first, before I decide.

*Witches Tea. Not “Witches’ Tea” plural possessive. A tea with witches, not a tea belonging to multiple witches.  I debated on that one, but for logic’s sake and for design’s sake there is no apostrophe after the “s” in Witches.

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