In My Shoes – Thousand Faces Cosplay

Thousand Faces Cosplay

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Step into the Shoes of Thousand Faces Cosplay

This summer I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Ethan and Lauren – the actual faces behind St. Louis’s Thousand Faces Cosplay.

This husband and wife team are currently best known in the cosplay community for their excellent take on Borderlands 2‘s Krieg and Tiny Tina. In fact, that’s how I met them last year, at the Gateway Geekfest, having a mock battle with fellow local cosplayer (and close friend) Aaron Rabe.

I knew nothing about the Borderlands fandom when I met them, and even less about cosplay, so it’s been an absolute delight learning directly from them about their passion for what they do, and why they identify so strongly with the characters they play.

Cosplaying as a Couple

The description on their Facebook page reads in part: “The couple that cosplays together, stays together!” and it’s obvious from watching the interplay between these two that their shared love of all things geeky brings much joy to their lives, and to the lives of people who get to see them in character.

OK, OK so at the time I thought everyone with a mask on was Bane. Whatever!
Aaron Rabe as Captain Jack Sparrow, with Ethan and Lauren as Krieg and Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2

I interviewed Ethan and Lauren in their home, and learned all about how they met, how they find the time to make their fantastically detailed costumes and props, and I also got a chance to meet their cats see their in-home cosplay workshop!

We talked about many things related to cosplay—not only the practical considerations like prop and costume making, but also about how acting in character helps quell Lauren’s issues with anxiety and panic, and how the couple feels about harassment in the con/cosplay world, both on and offline.

Lauren and Ethan are a refreshingly charming and forthright couple, and I can’t wait to see what they get up to next. Another great example of the creativity that abounds in the St. Louis community.

Thousand Faces Cosplay Video

Check out the video below for a walk in the extremely mis-matched shoes of this dynamic cosplay couple.

Hope you enjoy!

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