In My Shoes – A New Ooh St. Lou Series

In My Shoes – Meet St. Louis’s Most Fascinating People

So remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about a new series I had started for the YouTube channel? Don’t worry, that one is still going strong (just taking some time to arrange a filming date for our next episode) but I also was working on yet another new series, as well.

I had an idea to profile St. Louis based performers, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs. I wanted to talk to them about not just what they do, but who they are. Understanding other people’s passions and processes is a source of endless fascination for me. What makes a person want to make art? Open a business? Create a stage act? What tools and training do they need to get there? How is their life enriched by what they do, and what are the unseen things (positive and negative) that impact their work? What’s it like to walk a mile in their shoes? Thus “In My Shoes” was born.

I am tremendously excited for this series. Nothing sparks my creativity like being around other creative and passionate people. Also, this series goes to the heart of why I started Ooh St. Lou in the first place. I want to start conversations. I want us to understand each other better. I want us to appreciate the work and the struggles and the joy of the people around us. I want us all to look more closely at each other, and I want to breed compassion and empathy. Small goals, right?

My first episode of In My Shoes is complete. I spent a month interviewing and filming Judas and Magnolia as they performed in St. Louis. They are truly lovely people, with talents you don’t get to witness every day. Stepping into their shoes was educational and inspiring. Their video is below, and I hope you enjoy it. I am already working on future episodes, but I would love your input and ideas about people you think should be featured in this series. You can contact me any time at or hit me up on Twitter @oohstlou.

Thanks so much for following me on this journey. Your support and feedback mean the world to me. If you enjoy my work, please share it – I want to reach as many people as I can. Thanks!


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