Schurcipefones Beer Festival 2015

Last week I had the chance to go to the Schurcipefones Beer Festival, the final celebration of St. Louis’s annual Craft Beer Week. Held behind Rooster South Grand, it features many local brewers and tons of new and special release beers for the festival.

Now, truth be told, I do not drink beer at all. Never have, probably never will. So while I could easily and happily film the goings-on, I wasn’t the one to really opine about the beers on hand. I recruited two of my friends, Chris and Kyle.

Chris is a prolific beer drinker:

Host of Impolite Company each month at the Crack Fox downtown, and Wild Card Comedy each Wednesday at The Crow’s Nest in Maplewood.

While Kyle is part of a group of amateur craft brewers here in the St. Louis area:

That’s his kid, not some random girl that just wandered by.

We spent a good few hours out in the hot sun drinking beer (I had water.) eating festival food from the new Shift Test Kitchen restaurant, and watching other people drink and enjoy themselves. To me a beer fest seemed to equal a bunch of rowdy people acting badly and causing a scene, but this event wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was chilled out and friendly, and just kept getting more friendly as the day went on. Perhaps due to the event timing (noon-4 p.m.) and the fact that it was a family-friendly event, it really didn’t turn ugly or into a drunken mess as I feared. Instead it was a relaxed good time, and everyone seemed to have a huge amount of fun.

Look at these happy folks

I am definitely going to  check it out again next year.

My video of the event is below. Background noise (DJ MAKossa)

You were excellent, but you killed all my interviews.
You were excellent, but you killed all my interviews.

meant that I couldn’t interview people, but I think you will get the gist of the event. Hope you enjoy!

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