Road Trip to Nashville to See The Weepies!

Last week I was lucky enough to see The Weepies in concert in Nashville.  My ticket purchase was a last-minute affair—I’d somehow missed that The Weepies were going to be within driving distance of St. Louis for this tour, and didn’t realize it until the post on Facebook saying that the nearest concert to me had just sold out. Oops. So I lucked out with a last-minute ticket, for which I felt extremely lucky.

I headed down to Nashville on Thursday, the day of the show. It’s about a 5-hour drive from St. Louis, definitely doable in a day. Drive down was uneventful, except that I was really scatterbrained and out of it, all day long. I’d had a busy week already, seen a show (William Fitzsimmons and Denison Witmer*) the night before I left, and I was so very excited to see The Weepies that I think I got a little slap happy or something.

  • When I was at Starbuck’s for my road chai I totally ran up and over the sidewalk, because I forgot it was there.
  • When I stopped on the way for a soda, I ran forward over the concrete parking block in the parking lot, because I forgot it was there.
  • The topper – when I arrived at City Winery Nashville I drove up to valet, and I was so concerned with making sure I didn’t forget my phone in the car (I got a new dash holder thing for it) that I grabbed my phone, then got out of the car while the car was *still in drive* and had to dive back in headfirst to throw it in park when the valet guy saw the car start to drive off on its own behind me.  What.

I was The Very Model of a Modern Major Dipshit. All day. I think part of it is the new experience of vlogging. When I am thinking not only of what I am doing, but of filming what I am doing, well, that’s already one too many things to think about. Then I am usually juggling a bag and a camera and my keys and my phone – I need more pockets. I will get used to it (I hope/think) but for now it’s kind of making me loopy when out in public.  I have not yet reached the level of being able to walk while speaking into the camera, it’s all I can do to sit in the car and talk to the camera. I don’t know how these other vloggers do this stuff without falling down, for real.

Anyway, the show was fantastic. Without going into too much detail, The Weepies’ music has gotten me through a lot of hard times, and it was very meaningful to see them in person, especially after the year they (and I) have had.

Their opener was Carsie Blanton, a New Orleans-based singer/songwriter, and she was phenomenal. Go buy all her music and support her, because she needs to be better known.  Her music is a mix of jazzy stuff, more upbeat and peppy almost country-sounding stuff and… I don’t know I am terrible at describing music genres. She’s just awesome. This video below is from an album of jazz standards she covered last year.

The Weepies were amazing and perfect and heart-wrenching and bliss-inducing. No video was allowed in the event, but I did get some stills. The very cutest thing is that (at least) one of their sons was in the audience, and they kept getting distracted by things he’d shout out. It was adorable. Steve demonstrated how the boys would hush Deb at home rehearsals with a hand over her mouth and a “You’re done now Mommy.”

I know that I have no real idea what their life is like, or how their family interacts, but in my head it’s charming and loving and a little close to perfection.

I would have loved to hear Simple Life, but aside from that they did almost every song I really wanted to hear. The encore Stars was beautiful and perfect.

Look at how happy she is. The way they look at each other. It makes me teary.
Here’s how close I was to the stage.
City Winery is an EXCELLENT place to see a show. Seats! Respectful, quiet people! Dinner at your table!

I stayed at the Millennium Maxwell House, which has sadly gone far downhill since I’d last been there. The staff ranged from indifferent to rude (especially the front desk clerk, both at check in and check out) and the rooms were OK-ish, but not worth what I paid. The shower leaked like crazy, there was half an inch of water on the bathroom floor when I got out. It wasn’t awful, but it’s not worth the $200 a night they’re asking.

To top it all off, they were really weird about placing holds on my debit card. I had prepaid for my room through an online site, but when I checked in they placed a $50 debit/hold thing on my card. Fine, OK, I expected that. But the next day I checked my bank balance again (I get paranoid about card fraud when I am traveling) and saw that they’d placed an additional hold of $90.34 (random?) on my account. Now, I expect a hold for incidentals or damage or whatever, but $140.34 worth of hold? And that didn’t release until the following Tuesday. When I checked out, I asked the front desk clerk about the $90.34, and kids she had NO IDEA. Didn’t know if that was standard, didn’t know anything about the amount, couldn’t tell me if I would actually be charged anything, nothing. Should not the people at the front desk know these things? Why $90.34? I will never know.

After I checked out of the hotel I walked around Hillsboro a little, hit up a few shops and the Starbucks, then marveled at people standing in line at the Pancake Pantry—but mostly i just wanted to get back home, because it was nothing but thunderstorms between there and St. Louis. Better to drive in a blinding thunderstorm in daylight! I think.

I had a fantastic time, I feel so lucky that I got to go. I didn’t really do any shopping, I got a concert tour poster and some new CDs, but mostly I came back with brand-spanking new happy memories, and that’s what I wanted most.

Below is my vlog from the trip, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching/reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*This show was at the Bootleg at the Atomic Cowboy, and I will probably never voluntarily see a show there again. Worst venue ever for a down-tempo concert, and William Fitzsimmons is nothing if not downbeat. Zero furniture in the room – people were just giving up eventually and sitting on the floor. The show started late, and there was literally nowhere to sit, so you just had to stand on their hard wood/concrete floor, forEVER. By the time WF came on I had been standing there for almost two hours without so much as a freaking wall to lean on. I finally spotted an opening on the wall and went to lean, but then some other girl came and crowded me. Dudes, I am old, and I had ankle surgery last year. I can’t stand for two hours listening to acoustic guitar. Who can? All I could think about was my ankle pain after about 90 minutes in. It was a really, really bad venue for a slow-paced show, and I will not be back.
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