As promised, here are some highlights of my New Orleans trip.

I can really tell from the quality of the photos I took that I was exhausted and frazzled. Most of my photos were poorly framed and half-hearted at best. But (through the magic of editing!) I was able to salvage some that could show the beautiful parts of the city.

Walking in New Orleans is hard, with the crowds and the slanted, broken-down streets and sidewalks. It’s hard to sightsee when you’re trying your best not to fall down. I did love the homes, although (like in Savannah) it’s hard to take pictures of them, because the streets are narrow and you can’t get far enough away so that the perspective isn’t all wonky.

The cemeteries, which I thought I would love, were sad to me. I feel differently about cemeteries since my brother died. Before his death they were mysterious and romantic places to take moody photographs, but now all I see and feel is the pain of all those who have loved ones resting there.

I am glad that I went to New Orleans, I am sad that I didn’t enjoy myself more and that I was so tired and out of sorts most of the time. I would like to go back again some time and stay in a really nice place and take guided driving tours of the city, then really see the sights. But this was a good introduction, and a fun thing to do with some of my favorite people. I hope you enjoy the photos!

4 years ago

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