Not So Pint Sized Anymore – Pint Size Bakery

Recently I had a chance to stop by the newly opened/expanded Pint Size Bakery location. Their overwhelming popularity since opening in 2012 meant this local bakery soon expanded past its original pint-sized location. The new shop, at 3133 Watson Road in South City St. Louis, is still cozy, but features more than double the kitchen size, plus (new!) customer seating.

The products are the same, with fresh local ingredients you can pronounce. There are even treats for the pups! I also hear that Pint Size is currently hiring for the new location, so if you’re an experienced barista, check them out. They offer free cookies!

Below is a gallery of photos in the new location, and a short video of the new space. Give them a visit next time you’re in the area!

Pint Size Bakery Photo Gallery

2 years ago

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