My Trip to Tenth Life (Kitten Paradise)

A few weeks ago I visited the Contemporary Art Museum here in St. Louis for the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival. It was exactly what it sounds like,  a delightful night where people got together to watch cat videos they could just as easily watch from the comfort of their own couches/computers, but chose to watch together.

The screening was accompanied by a cat-centric pre-party. There was cat-ear making, cat face painting, cat related crafts and (squee!) cats and kitten to play with, courtesy of local rescue organization Tenth Life.

I’d heard of Tenth Life before, but I didn’t know that much about how they operated. When they explained that they had a storefront on Cherokee where one could go and cuddle adoptable kittens, I knew I’d have to pay them a visit.

I stopped by on a Saturday, and it was pretty much kitten paradise. Unfortunately I visited right after a rowdy group of children, so most of the cats were snoozing, but I did get some great footage of rambunctious kittens, and who can ask for more?

The video of the visits to CAM and Tenth Life is below – I hope you enjoy!

3 years ago

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