My First-Ever Vlog is Live!

My first vlog is live and I am pretty excited! Follow me around the South side of St. Louis the weekend of June 13&14 while I visit some local shops, restaurants and craft fairs. Enjoy the insanity of my friends. There’s a mankini in it (sorry).

This is my first-ever published vlog, and for a first effort I am pretty proud. A favor, if you will – please “like” the video and (even if you don’t use YouTube regularly) subscribe to my channel. I feel so very lame with no subscribers. (Oh and if your device doesn’t default to it, click to watch in HD – it’s better!)

This has been a super fun thing to do so far, and I am learning more every day—looking at this video there are things I would change, but I am confident I will get better each time. I really hope you enjoy it! Sorry again about the mankini.

3 years ago

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