MOBOT Orchid Show 2016 – Gallery

Last week I stopped by the members-only preview of the 2016 Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show. The orchid show is probably my favorite event of the year at MOBOT, in which they transform the Orthwein Floral Display Hall into a lush, rainforest-y paradise. It’s not just that there are gorgeous orchids on display, but that the garden staff actually build a walkable environment full of ferns and moss and water features in which to showcase the orchids. The members-night preview is one of the few times that the show can be photographed when it’s dark out – that really adds something to the experience. Of course, I got a lot of blurry hot messes, trying to crouch down and photograph flowers in low-light with no tripod, but I did manage a few gems, too.

I will almost certainly go back and take more photos in daylight hours (the show runs through March 27) but for now, here are the photos I snapped at night. The show is $5 in addition to Garden entrance fees, and is free for members. If you’re interested in learning more about orchids, their preservation and cultivation, there is a presentation on March 16 with Dr. Tariq Stevart, which is free for members and non-members. Register at this link.

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