In Which I Get My First Tattoo

This is about 5.5″ high, on my right upper arm.

So yesterday I wholesale mlb jerseys got my first tattoo. I am beyond delighted with the way it turned out. I will probably go in for some tweaks around the six-week mark, but overall, I could not be more pleased with the entire experience and the finished work.

I was nervous about getting a tattoo, which I think is normal, but I was nervous for extra reasons, because getting tilfredse a tattoo involves a few things I don’t particularly enjoy. Namely: Strangers. Committing to being in a strange with place for several hours. Having people touch isn’t me. The Unknown. Wondering if people will be respectful of me, my body, my wants and needs. It’s kind of like going to the doctor, but cheap nfl jerseys this was SPACELOFT way Feedback better, and had a much more fun outcome.

The entire experience was really good, partly because Associates I did a few things ahead of time:

  • I chose a shop that I knew did good work, where a lot of my friends had gotten work previously.
  • I took a good friend (actually two) along to literally hold my hand.
  • I had a lengthy email consult and picture/idea/color swap session with the artist, whose work I had seen on several friends of mine.
  • The artist I chose seemed excited about the piece, had her own ideas, and was open to mine. 
  • Before the session I had a cheap nfl jerseys big steak, cheap mlb jerseys and made sure to drink plenty of water, so I would not get dehydrated, or take Me a chance on feeling woozy.

So I think good planning and me asking tons of questions helped me feel much more comfortable with the process than I would have if I just walked in off the street with an idea. In the end, my artist was a total doll and made me very comfortable, my friends injected the right amount of goofiness into to process so I didn’t get nervous, and I ended up enjoying the whole thing quite a bit.

Anyway, I am super-pleased with it, as I said, and now have just the after-care to worry about (About which I am being super scrupulous and paranoid, as I am wont to do.)

The work was done by Anna Spitz at TRX Tattoos in St. Louis, Mo. I recommend Anna (and the entire shop) most highly.



6 years ago

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