Come With Me to the Strangefolk Festival!

The 2015 Strangefolk festival was held on the Missouri side of the river for the first time this year. There’s been a lot written about the controversy with O’Fallon, so I won’t add to that. I think it’s better just to focus on what the festival was this year and will be in the future, rather than people’s gripes about the past.

I thought the new venue had more pros than cons, I loved that it was closer to me, I liked that it was indoors, I liked the vendor selection. I also thought the festival signage to find vendors could have been more clear, and I would have loved to have a map so that I could check off vendors I wanted to see (sorry I never did find you Binx Ceramic!)

But take a look at the video I made, and judge for yourself. One thing’s for sure, Strange Folk has a little touch of magic to it, no matter where it’s held.

3 years ago

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