Come Get Your Geek on at the 2015 Gateway Geekfest!

Last weekend I had a chance to attend the very first Gateway Geekfest. I went out to the meet-n-greets and a drink and draw on Friday, and attended the con on Saturday and sat in on some panels. Now, I’ve been to larger cons, and they are not necessarily my cup of tea. They can be fun, if you go with friends, but the overwhelming crowds and jostling around with strangers can be a little much for me.

Happily, this con was pretty much the perfect size to keep me entertained without freaking me out. Robust for a first-year con, it had a good variety of booths and panels and featured guests, yet it wasn’t so huge that you got worn out walking from one side to the other, or had to wait an hour for an elevator.


Sidenote: I was really happy to see that the con had very clearly spelled out anti-harassment and “cosplay is not consent” warnings in its program.

AaronCloseUpMy favorite guest presenter was definitely Aaron Rabe of Forgotten Seas Trading Company. Not only was his presentation entertaining (the guy can work a crowd) but also informative AND encouraging to any aspiring cosplayers in the audience.

ZSBagI also sat in on the Zombie Squad presentation about making a bug out bag, and I want to take a moment to direct you to the signup for next week’s Mock Disaster and Basic First Aid training exercise. You don’t have to be a member to attend, and all skill levels are welcome. The event is free.

and of course the cosplay was amazing. So many cool costumes. Ioved the Game of Thrones family, and this guy here:

Krieg from Borderlands, as imagined by Thousand Faces Cosplay

When I am out filming my brain is already doing a million things at once, and unfortunately I had no room left in it to also shop. There were so many cool things to buy!

…and I don’t even PLAY dice-based games. (Dice Dragons from Here There be Sculptures)

My video of the experience is below, I’d love to know what you think of it. Can’t wait to see how this con grows and develops!

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