Cherokee Street – St. Louis

One of my favorite things about Cherokee Street is that there’s always something happening, and you can never predict what it will be. While walking around a few weeks ago I got invited to an AA meeting and to film some black-light yoga at 2720 Cherokee. I could not have anticipated either of those invites when I left the house.

Amazing street art, laid back people, plenty of places to dine and shop and grab a drink – If you’re not hanging out on Cherokee Street, you probably should be. They’ve also got co-working spaces like Nebula, and plenty of opportunity for further development in the immediate area. I can’t wait to see what Cherokee Street will be in 5 years, in 10 years. I think it will definitely be a destination neighborhood for people traveling to our city.

After the gallery there’s a one-minute snippet of my photo walk as the sun went down. Hope you enjoy. If you do enjoy, spread the word! Get people to like my Facebook page and YouTube channel. Your involvement in my mission is what makes it possible for me to do what I do. Thanks!

Photo Gallery


2 years ago

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