The Best Kept Secrets of StL Coffee Shops – Hartford Coffee

You know how you sometimes fall in love with a band or an artist or a place, and you’re torn between wanting to share that with everyone you know, and wanting to hoard it all to yourself? (I am sure there’s a German word for that feeling.) I mean, you don’t want JUST ANYONE to know about it. What if everyone likes it, and it’s all ruined for your private personal enjoyment? That’s how I feel about the quiet room at Hartford Coffee.

Living in St. Louis’s Tower Grove South, Hartford is my default hangout location for everything from business meetings to writing club to quick catch-ups with friends. It’s got great hours, it’s comfortable and spacious and the food  and service are both good. Hartford is easy to love.

The best grilled cheese is the grilled cheese someone else makes for you. ©2016 OohStLou
The best grilled cheese is the grilled cheese someone else makes for you. ©2016 OohStLou

But one of the unsung benefits of Hartford is its quiet room.

Located out back behind the patio, the quiet room (it’s actually a whole back building) is a space devoted to those who need to study, write, edit, think – do whatever, but do it quietly. The front of the shop is great for regular meetings, but in the back you can read a novel, write a novel, study in silence with friends or on your own, do whatever thing you can’t do in your regular space, and do it all in blissful quiet.

Hartford is known for a lot of things. Its dog-friendly patios, its delicious frozen chai, its kid-friendly play areas, but to me the quiet room is by far the most valuable. And yes, they will deliver food out to you there. It’s a quiet-lovers paradise.

Next time you have some intense studying or work to do, and need a good place to do it, check out the quiet room at Hartford Coffee. But don’t tell anybody else about it, OK? Just between you and me.


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