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As part of our UNDEFINED project, Ooh St. Lou will be sharing bios of the women featured in the original shoot.

Alicia Kueper is a Senior Art Director at Brighton Agency. Guess what she does in her spare time.
Alicia Kueper is a Senior Art Director at Brighton Agency. Guess what she does in her spare time.

Your Name:

Alicia Kueper, but my friends and coworkers call me Kip.

What do you do?

I’m a Senior Art Director at Brighton Agency and freelance designer in my spare time.

What prompted you to take part in the UNDEFINED project?

I heard about the project through my friend Rashida (another one of your lady bosses included in this project) and jumped at the opportunity to participate. Being labeled a “feminist” sometimes is deemed the equivalent of “man-hater” or “raging bitch,” so when I saw that there was a whole group of ladies that felt passionate enough to speak out about their disgust with the BJ’s article, I was pleased to not be alone.

The women featured in the BJ article are beyond incredible, and deserve to have a piece commemorating their hustle, their diverse backgrounds and their successes. They deserve something that makes them proud of themselves. Something that they would want to flaunt and share with everyone they know because it’s an honor to be among that group of highly successful and influential women. But unfortunately the BJ’s lack of coherent thought concluded in a piece of sexist, single-minded nonsense that received much-deserved criticism. Sure, we could all pick a pair of shoes out of our closets to help describe who we are. We could also pick our favorite kitchen appliance or nail polish. But why can’t women choose whatever the hell they want that more accurately defines them?!

What stereotyping have you faced in your career, and how have you handled it?

Alicia tires of the patriarchy. ©2016 OohStLou
Alicia tires of the patriarchy. ©2016 OohStLou

It was an interesting lesson in my late 20’s to find that men can be quite catty around the office. I’ve never experienced gossip being formulated and spread about me within office walls by my female counterparts, but I have heard my fair share of garbage being spewed from certain men’s mouths. Things like “she only gets good projects because her boss wants to sleep with her.” Or “she was all over me at happy hour and made me walk her to her car.” Or “you’re more poised for a promotion than [insert female coworker’s name] because you’re not married or trying to have babies.”

  1. I work my ass off, am collaborative and good at what I do. Please don’t let that hurt your ego and decide that I’m only getting ahead because of my physique.
  2. I am not that girl nor will ever be that girl, and that straight up didn’t happen.
  3. While I’d be psyched to be promoted, I would hope that it’s due to my efforts, not my lack of a wedding ring.

That being said, I do want to point out that I have worked with many talented and respectful men. These other instances have luckily been few and far between and haven’t beaten me down. The object of the game is to understand who and what is worth your time and anger, most of the time it’s just easier to continue with what you’re doing and let your talent and abilities prove them wrong.

Where can people find out more about you/what you do?

You can read more about my role at Brighton at brightonagency.com or you could look me up on Facebook if you’re interested in of my freelance time.

Anything else we need to know?

Outside of work, Alicia exercises her creativity through freelance work. Mostly designing invitations for friends and family, she also enjoys flexing her photography muscle. She is currently the designer for Young Friends of the Animal Protective Association and is also a team leader for fundraising efforts for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

As an avid fitness junkie, Alicia has been mastering boxing and kickboxing for the last two years. To her, it’s therapy. It helps shake out any frustrations while clearing her head each morning so that she can clearly focus on tasks at the office.

The Undefined project explores and is a response to sexism in local media, for more information see our original post on the project. UNDEFINED will be on display at SOHA gallery in January 2017, visit the Facebook event page for more information on the show.


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